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We do Custom Designs

Email us to see how we can create something one of a kind for your wedding! We love custom requests and helping you make your day special.

Meet the Creator!

Odd Lot was founded because I believe that your uniqueness should be showcased! Have your dream wedding the way YOU want it!

Our Printing Process.

How our printing stacks up! Learn how Odd Lot Weddings takes it to the next level with our professional printing process.

Get Inspired!

Wedding inspiration that we have collected and share with you! We feature products, ideas, new designs and team treasuries here!
Specializing in non-traditional weddings such as Steampunk, Goth, Biker and so much more! Basically if you can think of it we can design it! Your wedding should showcase who YOU are and be unique and here at Odd Lot Weddings we strive to make your dream come true!

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